The Ninja Blender Product

Ninja blenders are made with several amazing different styles. They are mostly referred to be a kitchen system in which Ninja has incorporated the average blender with food processor which makes them more preferable than the other general blenders.

The Ninja Master Prep is very common/popular with most cooks, since it can serve the place of two appliances on your kitchen i.e. both your blender and your food processor. It can pulverize ice cubes into a delicious smoothie or drink and it can chop food to make delicious soups and stews.

The large 48-ounce pitcher has an easy pour spout. The bottom is made of material to make it non-slip. It will make several drinks at once. The food processor part of the blender will dice, chop, puree, blend and mince. This is a separate attachment added to the motor portion of the blender.

It has a 400-watt motor to handle any project you may have. Both the processor and processing bowl have four different ninja blades. Also included are storage lids. And parts are dishwasher proof—something everyone needs in this day and time!

Besides making smoothies, you can also make milkshakes, margaritas, and ice cream in the blender. In the food processor part, you can make salsa and dips in addition to wonderful soups!

Ninja blenders can be bought from online stores. Check out all the different models available so you will get just what you want.

There is also the Master Prep Pro System which included a heavier motor, a nine-speed hand blender, and extra containers. It has uniquely stacked ninja blades for consistent blending every time. Also included are smoothie containers with straw that will keep your drinks cold while on the go.

Another blender is the Ninja Warrior which has other attachments for just blending. This is hand held kitchen tool blends, chops, and even crushes ice and frozen food! It is the first hand held device that will turn ice into snow in seconds. It comes with a 40 oz. Processor bowl and a 32 oz. Beaker. Also included is a storage lid and a splash guard. It will puree soups and makes creamy dressings. It is great for making baby food also. It also will whip up cream, make milkshakes and the perfect pesto.

There is also the Ninja System 1100. This is an amazing system that also includes a dough hook. It has a 40 oz. Processing bowl and a 72 oz. Pitcher. This is fast becoming the number one baker’s dream.Add to this group the Ninja Professional Blender for an overview of all the different features and performance.

You will find the perfect one for you. The Ninja Professional blender has 1000 watts of power. It has a 72 oz pitcher made of BPA free construction. It is perfect for ice crushing, pureeing, blending and controlled processing. It is a professional high powered innovative tool. It’s sleek design and outstanding performance makes it a true asset to any kitchen. It is easy to clean and easy to use.


Critical Blender Safety Precautions

Using a blender safely starts with knowing what to put it, how to put it in and how to keep it in the blender while your chopping, dicing and pureeing. The first safety precaution is not overloading the blender jar. The fewer ingredients you put in the jar at a time the better. If you starting packing in 10 or 15 different ingredients at a time you are asking for trouble. Even the largest of blender jars at about 64 oz. is going to have trouble handling that kind of a load.

Take a few extra minutes and chop up fruits and vegetables before you put them in the blender. Don’t try and save time by sticking in whole pieces of fruit. Don’t just fold over vegetables trying to make them fit. This will save a lot of wear and tear on the blender motor. The smaller pieces will also help keep the blades sharper longer.

If you’re going to be chopping and grinding nuts or other dry grains make sure you don’t over fill the jar. Only fill it about a quarter full to start. You can always add more later on. Start the blender on a low speed increasing the speed as the pieces become smaller.

This should go without saying but before you ever turn the blender on make sure the lid is on properly. It happens to often that this is neglected and the instant the blender is switched on everything is thrown out – ruining walls, window curtains, cabinet finishes and anything else nearby. And on top of that the loose jar lid thrown through the air can be a very dangerous projectile.

Many blender recipes call for the addition of various liquids and juices. Be careful how much you add. Don’t ever add boiling liquids in the blender jar. The results can extremely dangerous resulting in serious injury should they be thrown out by accident when the blender is turned on.

Don’t forget to read the instruction manual that comes with the appliance. It is there for a reason. Become very familiar with proper operating procedures before you ever turn it on. Pay attention to the electrical safety precautions described in the manual.  And as always keep the blender out of the reach of small children. Those sharp blades can be very dangerous even if the blender is unplugged and can’t be turned on.

Following these few safety precautions will help make the use of your blender enjoyable as well as help it provide many years of trouble free service.