Every graduate’s greatest anxiety is hitting the Kenya Tarmacking Network (KTN) without any hope of seeing the light, even at the distant end of the tunnel.

I personally know of some of my former college classmates who had schedules and lists of companies they would be hitting after clearing campus, lists long enough to make a small Stephen King manuscript.

Sorry to say that most of them are still marking off their lists, unsuccessfully.

The mentality of being formally employed however worries me a lot.

Have we become so dependent on other people that we cannot even for a second sit still and think of innovative ways with which we can make money?

For starters, I have never been one to trust on anybody for anything, and I am not bragging when I say am sufficiently self-made up to a certain level. After all, I took myself through University education without relying on a dime from my parents.

This may sound almost unbelievable to the same people who are right now scratching their chins hoping the temp at the office they hit today did not guillotine their CV, and strategizing on which company they will be hitting come tomorrow morning.

Am not bragging, but I am not in the same league with you, am earning my dollars as you sit down scratching your chin.

Blog your way to riches

Let me save your skin with maybe the easiest thing you can do and earn money even as you utilize your education, start blogging.

Apart from running your own blog and earning money from programs such as Adrite Advertising or Google Adsense you can also offer to write content for other people’s blogs, in return to which they will pay you handsomely, though you will lose on the copyright of any work submitted to them.

The other excellent way to earn money through your blog is carrying sponsored adverts from companies around you. These ones pay a little price in return to bringing publicity to their company or image.

You may also consider writing product reviews for a company’s products. This involves asking for contracts from these companies you want to review products for, you write, you host, they get increased sales and product awareness and you smile all the way to the bank.

Don’t wait anymore. Plug in that modem and start earning now!

Just as a BTW, one of my friends told me I was whoring my services to the cheapest of the cheapest hookers by taking the ‘easy’ way out (writing blogs), what do you think? Leave your comment below.


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