Bedwetting Solutions – Stop The Tears and Fears By Solving The Problem

Bedwetting solutions are what every parent of a child or teenager that wets the bed during the night wants to find.

The first thing that you do need to do if there is a serious bedwetting problem is to consult with a doctor to rule out any medical problems.

Quite often eliminating a food or drink from the diet can be the solution you need because the child is allergic to it.

Allergies can cause bedwetting, just as medical conditions and psychological conditions. Certain medications have also been known to affect the bladder and kidneys. Changing the medication is one of the easiest of these bedwetting solutions, but it is difficult to diagnose. Bedwetting solutions do exist, but are not the same for everyone.

In order to find out if you really need to look for bedwetting solutions, you need to carefully evaluate the problem. If the bedwetting occurs on a nightly basis, then you do need to find bedwetting solutions to help both you and the child.

Even education about enuresis, its causes and treatments is often not enough to soothe the fears of children that their friends may find out about the problem and tease them. When frequent bedwetting occurs, this is often a time of tears from the child and frustration on the part of the parent.

How to approach bedwetting problems

The best bedwetting solution to start with is to remain calm so as not to place any undue stress on the child. Doctors will tell you that trying to find bed wetting solutions requires a lot of sensitivity. Good bedwetting solutions often take a little time to find.

Bedwetting solutions do exist, but aren’t necessarily immediate

bedwetting solutionsYou also have to look at the different types of enuresis to help you find the best bedwetting solutions. If a child has never been able to sleep through the night without wetting the bed, the bedwetting solutions may involve some form of behavior modification.

This could be as simple as waking the child up at a certain time each night to go to the bathroom, using a bedwetting alarm that senses the slightest bit of moisture and wakes the wearer or limiting the intake of fluid in the hours before bedtime.

When a child has never had a problem with bed wetting and all of a sudden develops enuresis, then parents need to look for causes and bed wetting solutions.

In this case, the child needs to be seen by a doctor, who will more than likely refer him or her to a paediatrician or a urologist to determine if there is an underlying medical problem. In this case when there is a medical reason, bedwetting solutions are easy to find. In some extreme cases, such as in a narrow urethra, it may involve some surgery, but there must be extensive tests beforehand.

Once the child sees that there is a possibility of a bed wetting solution, he/she is more willing to suffer the discomfort of the tests.

Once you evaluate the seriousness of the bedwetting problem, then you can devise how you want to tackle the bedwetting solutions.

Wearing disposable pampers or underwear does not cure the problem. It simply allows bed wetting to continue without having to do laundry every day.

It is important to find a bed wetting solution to help the child feel better about himself/herself. If you use a rubber covering over the mattress, this is a solution for helping the mattress to last longer, but it doesn’t really offer any bedwetting solutions.

Best sleep aid for a relaxed night

In modern society where human behavior is no longer governed by the rising and setting of the sun, human sleep behavior has changed quite dramatically.

Research has shown that people in the United States, for example, have been sleeping less and less over the last few decades. For some, it is a choice to fit a 24-7 lifestyle enabled by modern technology.

For others, it is curse dawned by the inability to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

Many drugs have been formulated in recent years by pharmaceutical companies to help those who cannot get quality sleep attain the rest they need.

Unfortunately, they are often times not the best earplugs for sleeping available. Medications often times have side effects, including drowsiness and confusion the next day.

Many people also develop dependency on them, where their ability to sleep without the drug become even more impaired as time marches on. Furthermore, drugs have become more and more expensive as insurance plans cover less and less.

The best sleep aid, for many people, is actually to change their sleep behavior. Sleeping is the act of letting go of the conscious self, where many sensory activities are temporarily suspended. As such, it is a habit that is formed, much like eating and other behaviors performed repeatedly day after day. Firming up this habit can have substantial positive effects. This includes developing regular sleep schedules, developing regular bedtime routines, and setting up the proper environment to enable sleep.

First, having regular sleep schedules implies going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. Studies have shown that people tend to sleep better when this is done, possibly because the body establishes a rhythm. If the pattern is changed dramatically from day to day, the body cannot set up equilibrium and sleep suffers.

Setting a sleep schedule also implies no napping to make up for lost sleep. Naps affect overall sleepiness during bedtime and therefore will affect the sleep pattern. It is important, therefore, not to give-in to afternoon or after-dinner drowsiness.

The second important aspect is to develop a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is just something done the same way each night. For example, it may consist of reading light material for 15 minutes, brushing your teeth, practicing meditation briefly, and going to bed with a relaxed mindset.

A routine trains the body to know what to expect next, enabling someone to fall asleep faster. The routine needs to be individually customized, however, and may take a few trial-and-error to see what works best.

Finally, the proper environment should be set to allow the body to fall asleep. For example, the bedroom should be dark, quiet, and set to an appropriate temperature. Rooms that are too hot or too cold, for example, may hinder sleep. So set the room temperature to what is comfortable. Also, rooms with too many things going on will not allow the mind to shut down and drift into sleep. So make sure the television or radio is turned off and the lights dimmed. Finding a comfortable mattress and pillow will also help.

Overall, the best sleep aid may be simple lifestyle changes to enable the body to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Nature moves on- Eighteen years and counting

I find myself looking for traces of death at a spot a man was blown off by a petrol bomb in Garissa. I do not know what I am looking for, or how death looks like.

Blood stains drying out on the soil, irrigating it with colour?

Pieces of the bicycle he was riding?

Some kind of evidence that there was struggle between body and soul? Dead plants? It has been one week and the spot looks more alive than ever. The world has moved on.

It is now eighteen years after the 1998 US-Embassy bomb-blast that left hundreds dead, I walk past the memorial park, and the well-manicured grass breaks me. What gives it the clout to shine so bright in the sun, to bury traces of death? How dare it ask us to forget the unsightliness of 7th August?

Then it hits me, nothing stops on death spots. Everything around these spots moves on.

Nature is shamelessly heartless, it continues living. It bows not under the heavy weight of death. New plants grow over broken glass from road accidents. New buildings sprout up where one collapsed and tens died.

Where one life ends, another begins. An inadequacy of death.

On the spot I once had a car accident, goats graze and children play in the puddles of water. Anthills look like they have been there forever. Nothing tells you of that fateful day.  Not even a piece of glass buried deep in the soil. But my body still has scars. I still cannot bear a firm handshake.

On my uncle’s grave, leaves want to be left alone to decay on top of the epitaph; twigs want to raise families as well. No matter how much I weed, they are always coming back. They do not know that underneath, lays a man I do not want the world to forget.

I do not want nature to separate us.

Or to create the slightest illusion of ‘gone’, ‘over and done.’ I am tempted to speak to them. ‘Hey, you just don’t come and grow here, I am trying to connect with my uncle’. It’s unfair when nature demands to move on, when plantlets want to grow over that spot I come to speak to him. His epitaph, his face.

Nature then stands unfeeling towards death. Or perhaps, nature does not linger much over unnecessary mourning. This needless melancholy that we burden ourselves with.

But it is heartbreaking to watch nature move on while your mind is still imprisoned by these grisly memories. It is like watching an ex learn to hold another hand, begin to enjoy the company of another, laugh at other jokes, begin to enjoy other things you are not part of.

Or perhaps, death likes to camouflage, to make a living where it kills, sprouting plantlets to hide traces of itself.

We mourn, but nature moves on

Memory foam mattress buying guide

Memory foam mattress: Introduction

Most of your while encountering the word, memory foam mattress for the first time think that it is a mattress that probably enhances memory.

However, this is not the case. Therefore, the question arises why it is called so?

A memory foam mattress consists of minute cells that are deformed when human body pressure is applied on it, ultimately smashing and evacuating the air these cells accumulate and thereby gets adjusted according to the shape, weight and posture you sleep in.

As a whole, we can say, a memory foam mattress conforms to your body and diffuses your overall body weight on the mattress, as a result, no pressure point gets created on your body.

That results, in stress-free, comfortable and profound sleep. Originally, the scientists at NASA created memory foam mattresses in the early 1970’s to help the astronauts, so that they may bear the G- forces.

At that time memory foam mattress was not accessible to common people but later on time took a new turn and the production of memory foam mattress for general consumer started. As we know, our sleep depends largely on the kind of mattress we usually sleep on.

Moreover, as already said, memory foam mattress conforms to your body gently without creating any pressure point on your body and hence ensuring stress-free cozy sleep. Due to zero pressure point, your blood circulation is improved and you don’t even toss and turn while sleeping.

Advantages of memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress is not less than a boon that has revolutionized our sleep.

Memory foam mattress has specially helped those who were not able to enjoy profound sleep and it has become their routine to go on tossing and turning at night.

Several researches have evinced the fact that profound sleep energizes you for the day to come and as a result, you can grapple with your day-to-day problems more successfully.

While you slumber on memory foam mattress it is not your body that conforms to the mattress but memory foam mattress that conforms to your body. This helps you to have comfortable, profound and sleep without much tossing and turning on the stairway bunk bed.

Other advantage of sleeping on memory foam mattress is that Sleeping on memory foam mattress also improves the circulation of your blood.

Moreover, when you get up in the morning after spending night on memory foam mattress you do not find any of your muscle stressed.

How to select the best quality memory foam mattress

Before buying memory foam mattress, there are some important facts with respect to its temperature sensitivity, density and the thickness, you must bear in your mind.

You must ensure before buying a memory foam mattress that whether it is temperature sensitive or not for there are many memory foam mattresses available in the market that are not temperature sensitive. The method of checking the sensitivity of memory foam mattress is quite easy.

You just have to put a zip lock bag filled with ice on the memory foam mattress and if after sometime it turns firm then it indicates that particular memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive. You must select memory foam mattress with correct density.

The density of memory foam mattress can be described as the weight, of the mattress, measured in a cubic foot of memory foam. Generally, you should give first priority to the mattress with 5.0to 5.9lb density. Because memory foam mattresses with lower density than this cannot properly support your lower back, hips and shoulders. You must buy memory foam mattress that has adequate memory foam on the top layer.

To choose memory foam mattress, which has at least 3.5 inches of memory foam as its top layer can be a right choice. Warranty on memory foam mattress should also not be neglected and you must buy memory foam mattress that has 20-25 year warranty duration.

History of memory foam mattresses: NASA Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses prove the far-farsightedness of the human race.

Nasa memory foamThe visionaries of NASA’s space program developed the first memory foam mattress. In the early 1970’s NASA’s Ames Research Centre funded a development program that was aiming at creating such a substance that could enable astronauts to bear G-forces during lift-off.

They firmly believed that use of a foam material would be helpful in reducing G-forces on the body. The NASA’s space program specialists created a new foam material that was visco-elastic and was able to conform to a person’s shape.

They developed this memory foam mattress to help the boldest of stargazers, to reach the heavens with a restful night’s sleep.

The idea behind creating memory foam mattresses was to create foam that would sense the body temperature and weight of the astronaut and then gently conform to the shape of the body. That would provide the perfect amount of support over an extended period. It would do this particularly during periods of increased G-forces, such as lift off and re-entry.

It was assumed that such inventions would help these courageous souls overcome the frontiers of space and boldly go where know one had ever gone before. These memory foam mattresses were created for providing coziness to all forces involved in flight and would give the astronauts greater protection for the body.

Now the production of memory foam mattresses is on the rise for various commercial purposes. In 1980s Fagerdala World Foams of Sweden, started producing memory foam mattresses for consumer use and today that company is one of the largest foam producing company in the world. In 1992, the same products were launched in North America and received similar results.

With the success of Tempur-Pedic, other foam manufacturers in Canada and the United States began to develop their own visco-elastic memory foam material to offer Mattress, Upholstering and specialty product companies the ability to allow consumers a wide variety of products and prices to choose.

These mattresses have been given the name memory foam…


Actually, these mattresses do not have a memory as some of you may think, but rather cells that deform when under load. Memory foam actually deforms each cell, by smashing it and evacuating the air, dislodging it into other cells. This makes the foam more difficult to reach point zero again since the process of deforming literally creates a vacuum.

In many medical institutions memory foam mattresses are being used for osteopathy and physiotherapy, due to its unique pressure relief properties, which improves blood circulation, and help to reduce pressure sores.

Creation of memory foam mattresses by NASA is no doubt, a great success and it is no less than a boon for the patients who are confined to a rollaway bed due to their illness or due to burning.

Actually, patients around the world are indebted to NASA for creating memory foam mattresses. In this way, it really helps the sleeper get a more comfortable night’s sleep and it induces dreams that are more powerful.

Are memory foam mattresses any better?

The key to a good night’s sleep often lies in the type of mattress you are sleeping on. Having a good and comfortable mattress ensures a good night’s sleep and recharges you for the day to come.

Through several researches, it has been evinced that profound sleep greatly helps a person to grapple his day-to-day problems more effectively and successfully.

During an average night of sleep of eight hours, a person’s body moves in and out of consciousness through cycles, which are determined by brain wave activity and if these cycles get interrupted by having stress on particular muscles then a person can miss the chance of having a profound and stress-free sleep. In the modern era when a person often passes through a hectic life style the value of a profound and comfortable sleep cannot be underestimated.

Actually, sleep requires relaxation, and that means a good deep and comfortable sleep. As you lay down, you will feel the memory foam altering itself to accommodate you, leaving you with a feeling of total relaxation.

It is due to this special feature of a memory foam mattress, to totally support your body and adjust to your weight that the movements of the other person lying in your bed do not disturb you.

These memory foam mattresses help in distributing the pressure evenly throughout the body and as a result, we find ourselves mentally and physically relaxed when we get up in the morning. In the field of medicine, too memory foam mattresses are being used to treat the patients suffering from back pain.

Memory foam mattresses conform to the body reducing all that tension on the pressure points. No pressure points, no stress, no stress, means having a profound and comfortable sleep which everyone is in of today.

Although first memory foam mattress was developed for NASA in the 70’s for their space program yet it was never used. These days many memory foam mattress-producing companies have entered the market and try to vie with each other and offer memory foam mattresses at different rates. The Memory Foam Mattress industry is growing rapidly.

So do not compromise on the price, and before buying memory foam mattresses make sure that you get a superior one. These days many cheap quality memory foam mattresses are to be found in the market.

They may not give you the same comfort as higher good quality memory foam mattresses may give to you. Another fact about cheap quality memory foam mattresses is that they wear out comparatively fast.

Memory foam mattress vs latex mattress

Latext-Vs-Memory-Foam-MattressesMemory foam mattress and latex mattress are the two types of mattresses that are gaining popularity day by day. In the early days, latex was made of the sap of actual rubber trees.

Still, latex is made through this way. The sap of latex tree is converted into a mattress or pillow in special molds and undergoes four rinsing processes to eliminate odors.

However, these days synthetic latex is also being made that also have the properties of natural latex. Latex mattresses are either made of synthetic latex of more typically a combination of synthetic and natural latex. It is so that the prices of such mattresses may be kept low.

Synthetic latex is cheaper than the natural latex. Usually latex mattress surface is considered as the best surface to slumber on. That is the reason why latex foam mattresses are becoming popular by and by. Amazingly, a huge market of latex foam mattress has surged in United States of America and more and more citizens are learning about the advantages of latex foam mattresses.

The main factor behind the popularity of latex foam mattress is that it gently conform to the movements of a person and provide the best support to a person’s neck, back and spine.

Another characteristic of latex mattress is that it is anti-microbial which do not allow germs and bacteria to grow. It is useful to pulmonary sufferer. Latex foam mattress possesses superior quality of pressure equalization, which keeps it always dry, fresh and cool.

Due to its superior back support and outstanding pressure relief, it provides you comfortable sleep with out tossing and turning in the night. It also improves your blood circulation. Latex foam mattress is eco-friendly and do not possesses chemical properties as a result do not have any detrimental impact on the environment.

Well, there is another form mattress available in the market that vehemently vies with latex foam mattress. That form of mattress is well known as Memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive while latex foam mattress is not temperature sensitive. Memory foam mattress is not as elastic as latex foam mattress is.

As latex mattress is more elastic, it gives a springy feeling while on the other hand memory foam mattress gives somewhat solid feeling. Memory foam mattress is cheaper than latex mattress.

A full latex mattress set can cost nearly $ 3,000.00 dollars, while memory foam mattress costs about $ 1.500.00. However, it must be kept in mind that latex mattresses are more durable than memory foam mattresses and can last fifteen years without any compromise in performance but memory foam mattresses are also supple and can last ten years without much degradation.

As a conclusion it would not be wrong to say that both memory foam mattress and latex foam mattress both engulfs such qualities as aim at providing you better, profound, cozy and stress free sleep.

No doubt, in the field of quality in some spheres latex mattresses lag behind while memory foam mattresses take the lead and in some spheres latex mattresses take the lead.

Ultimately would not be wrong to say that both forms of mattresses aim at providing comfort to us.

Memory foam vs coil spring mattress

memory-foam-vs-spring-mattressIn the present Memory foam, mattress and coil spring mattress vie with each other in the consumer market. In this era of cutthroat competition, it seems that coil spring mattress has taken the front seat while memory foam mattress has grabbed the front seat.

In the year 1865, coil spring mattress was first created and since then a few changes have been made to the original design, in the following 140 years.

Since then man has reached new pinnacles of success and has even conquered the whole universe.

However, one may get baffled on knowing that no fundamental altercation has been made to the spring coil mattress.

On the other hand memory foam mattress has amazingly changed. Firstly, the scientists of NASA to help the astronauts in the space created memory foam mattress. Now it is well known that memory foam mattresses are being produced for consumer uses too.

There are many radical differences to be found between memory foam mattress and coil spring mattress.

First difference that comes to the forefront is regarding total body support. A memory foam mattress and a coil spring mattress differ greatly in this respect.

  • When you slumber on a coil spring mattress it makes your body conform to it. However, this is not the case when you lie on a memory foam mattress for memory foam mattress conforms to your body.
  • When you lie on a coil spring mattress it puts pressure to your body as a result when you leave the bed in the bed in the morning you complain of sore muscles and stiffness. However, this is not the case with memory foam mattress. As it has already been stated that that it is memory foam mattress that conforms to your not your body that conforms to it. The result is that when you get up in the morning you feel utterly relaxed, fresh and agile. Now some of you can be inquisitive to know how memory foam mattress works.
  • Memory foam mattress totally supports your body and adjusts to your body weight in such a way that the tossing and turning of other person lying in your bed do not affect you. Other difference is related to temperature sensitivity. Memory foam mattress has the capability to respond to different temperatures that is feather in its cap while this is not the case with coil spring mattress.
  • The memory foam is able to sense the different temperatures of your body and gives you a nice cozy feeling. Coil spring mattresses lack this characteristic. Coil spring mattresses do not have the capability to react to your body heat. That is why a person who sick with fever, would feel more comfortable on a memory foam mattress.

If you are thinking of buying mattress and are in a fix to which one you should choose, then go to your nearest local mattress store and check the difference.

The importance of mattress in our life can be determined by the fact that we spend 1/3 part of our life on a mattress.

There is an important fact about memory foam mattress and coil spring mattress that must be noted. The fact is that memory foam mattresses are more durable than coil spring mattresses and can last 10 years easily while coil spring mattress can last hardly about five years.

Should you consider restonic memory foam mattress?

Those who do not enjoy profound sleep and whole the night go on tossing and turning to such people Restonic memory foam mattress is no less than a boon.

Use of Restonic memory foam mattress can help you get good nights sleep! Restonic memory foam mattress is made of advanced visco-elastic memory foam originally designed for NASA and in the present is also being used in hospitals for the comfort of patients who are in burn units or confined to beds and have developed bedsores.

In the early days, it was not possible for a common man to have access to Restonic memory foam mattress. However, during the year 1980 production of such foam mattresses started for consumer use and today Restonic memory foam mattresses can be had easily.

If you really long for a profound and comfortable sleep then no doubt, Restonic memory foam mattress can help you. Restonic memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and ozone resistant.

Generally, micro safe fiber is woven into the fabric of Restonic memory foam mattress as a result bacteria, fungus, and other insects like flea do not grow in Restonic memory foam mattresses. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that you will not have to itch while you sleep.

It reacts to the temperature of the body and conforms to your body temperature and give proper support to your body parts. Restonic memory foam mattress gently senses body weight and body temperature, then automatically adjusts, and completely props the user.

Restonic memory foam mattress relieves the pressure that causes poor sleep; tossing and turning; and aches and pains. It is, without a doubt, a space-age material.

While you sleep on a traditional mattress, you are bound to sleep in certain postures. However, if you sleep on Restonic memory foam mattress it does not matter what posture you sleep in.

Some people like sleeping on the belly, some prefer back to sleep on, others on the sides and still others curled up next to their partner. Restonic memory foam mattress gives you the choices to choose any posture you want to sleep in.

In fact, Restonic mattresses can be described as being not too soft, and not too firm. These traditionally constructed beds and mattresses will give you years of comfort.

The steel reinforcement around the edges of the mattress will ensure your bed keeps its shape much longer, yet surprisingly it does not add much weight to the bed. With the availability of a host of online resources, you can quickly shop, price compare, and choose the best Restonic memory foam mattress for you.

Most Internet resources also offer shipping, so the Restonic memory foam mattress you choose can be delivered to your home within days after you place your order. Restonic memory foam mattress conforms to your body while you sleep on it as a result results can be positive for those who suffer from chronic backache and neck ache.

What about isotonic memory foam mattress?

Memory foam isotonic mattress is another form of mattress that promises you a better sleep whole night long. Many of us spend a big amount of money to make our sleep more and more comfortable. The progress in this direction was given momentum originally by NASA space program. In the beginning, access to memory foam was no more than an utopia for common people but later on its production started for consumer purpose too.

Now, this is not the case as you can add to your comfort just by spending an amount of money on memory foam isotonic mattress, which is quite affordable, and provide you unbelievable comfort, which you would have just dreamed of.

Memory foam isotonic mattresses do have pressure-relieving properties that help you to get rid of bodily pains caused or made worse by unnatural sleeping postures.

Memory foam isotonic mattress lessen your routine of tossing and turning while you sleep, which means you will get a more restful nights sleep. Tests have shown that these mattresses actually improve sleep and increase the level of deep sleep, so you wake up more alert, refreshed and better rested. Recommended by over 25,000 medical professionals worldwide, Memory foam isotonic mattresses can be found in all standard sizes. Memory foam isotonic mattress normally fits well under conventional sheets.

The cover of memory foam isotonic mattress is removable and can be washed. Now the question arises how memory foam isotonic mattress works. A memory foam isotonic mattress gets deformed to conform to your body while you lie on it. Memory foam isotonic mattress is also temperature sensitive and adjusts to your body temperature too. As a result, it gives you comfortable and supple feeling.

Memory foam isotonic mattress works in such a way that no pressure point get created on your body that helps relieve aches and pains and root out the possibilities of tossing and turning while you sleep.

On the other hand, while you sleep on a conventional mattress a particular part or muscle of your body get suppressed as a result you fail to enter the threshold, called comfortable sleep.

Memory foam isotonic mattress consists of a special kind of memory foam that enable memory foam isotonic mattress to conform and mold itself to your every curve. Normally it has been found that memory foam isotonic mattresses are more dense if compared to ordinary foam bedding products.

Generally, memory foam isotonic mattress’s density is 4lb. per cubic foot. It means that a cube of memory foam isotonic mattress weighs 4lbs and one foot in width. This density of memory foam isotonic mattress provides you alamode feeling, you sleep better, and backache and strain hardly disturbs you.

The Best natural sleeping aids review- 2016

Sleep is one of the most taken for granted things in life, only appreciated when people stop getting their Zs when they need to. Insomnia affects a lot of people and, more than just being uncomfortable and annoying, it is detrimental to your health.

Sleep is, after all, the part where your body gets around to resting and repairing the wear and tear you incur throughout the day so without sleep, your body can’t recuperate.  Without recuperation, your body becomes more susceptible to illnesses. But what can you do?

There are a lot of medications available in the market today but your best bet still is to use natural sleeping aids.
Why go with natural sleep aids?

Oxy Sleep Natural Sleeping AidNatural is the way to go because you want to get back to sleeping soundly as naturally as possible, which will mimic how your body would normally go about putting you to sleep. This lessens instances of dependency too, since natural sleeping aids are generally milder than prescription medication.

Going by way of the natural route also is cheaper than buying medication as many of the sleeping aids you can try are very affordable and also sometimes available for free.

Your OTC Natural Sleeping Aid Options


Valerian is a herb very popular as insomnia remedy in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium.

Taken about an hour before bedtime, Valerian takes around two to three weeks of continued use to feel the effects, but must not be taken for over three months. Valerian is available as tea, liquid extracts, and as capsules.


Melatonin is best for people looking to normalize sleep cycles like people with jet lag or those working on shifts.

A natural hormone in the body, melatonin is produced in the pineal gland, with serotonin converting into melatonin when light exposure decreases, Long-term effects of melatonin have not been documented but studies so far show that no side effects manifest when melatonin is used for three months.


An anti-anxiety herb, Kaya is one of the natural sleep aids you can consider as it can target anxiety-related cases of insomnia. Dietary supplements containing Kaya are available over the counter just like the Zyppah.

Relaxation techniques

Stress may be what’s keeping you up at night so do take the time to relax. Simply taking the time to sit back, relax, and take a breath might just be what you need.

If you have a snoring problem, you might want to look at these anti snoring devices.

Take care of your stress and you might find that you don’t actually need natural sleep aids.


You are what you eat and what you’re eating may be what’s wreaking havoc on your sleeping patterns.

Caffeine and sweets are main culprits so make sure you don’t have any around a couple of hours before you hit the sack.

Aside from avoiding agitators, do consume food rich in magnesium, as it is a natural sedative. Food rich in magnesium include whole grains, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, cashews, and almonds.

Preparing to Sleep Naturally

Don’t forget to make your bedroom more conducive to sleep by avoiding harsh, bright lights and keeping distractions like the television out. Keep the temperature in your room in a comfortable level.  Have a hot shower to relax tired muscles. If you must, linger for a soak in the tub.

Rest is important and sleep is your only ticket towards achieving optimum rest. Every little bit you do will surely help.

What’s the best natural sleep aid?

Anyone who has experienced sleepless nights is sure to welcome SomnaPure, one of the leading products when it comes to battling insomnia. The problem with products that are designed to help get rid of sleeplessness is that they are habit forming, or the body tends to get used to them overtime. Some even have side effects that can disrupt your daily routine.

If you are in need of insomnia remedies, then you better find the right solution to your problem and this is what this product is all about.

With this natural sleep remedy, you can experience restful sleep minus the side effects. Its key ingredient, Melatonin, helps in regulating your body’s sleep-wake clock which is ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Aside from this, it is also made from other natural ingredients that release soothing effects on your body. Taking SomnaPure will definitely give you a relaxing and peaceful sleep that will rejuvenate you the following day.

This OTC sleeping aid is sure to give you the kind of sleep you have always wanted and, thanks to its all-natural ingredients, you can be free from any side effects.

Where else can you find a natural sleeping aid that does not have any side effects and does not make your body dependent on it when regularly taken? This is the best solution to your sleepless nights. Since it comes at an affordable price, there is no need to worry about spending too much at all.

This remedy for insomnia, which is made from Melatonin, Valerian Extract, Hops Extract, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, and Chamomile, is designed to give you the best results. No more worrying about not being able to sleep once you take this product today. In these times, when it comes to insomnia remedies, this natural sleeping aid definitely comes highly recommended.
Features of Somnapure

* Fall asleep faster

* Improve sleep quality

* Wake up feeling refreshed
Somnapure Ingredients

Melatonin – Melatonin, a natural hormone in the body, is produced in the pineal gland, with serotonin converting into melatonin when light exposure decreases.  Melatonin is best for people looking to normalize sleep cycles. For instance, people with jet lag or those working on shifts may benefit from this.

L-Theanine – An amino acid commonly found in green tea, L-Theanine is sold as a dietary supplement and  has been shown to help reduce stress levels along with producing a calming and soothing effect.  No proof exists to confirm this though.

Valerian Root Extract – The primary ingredient in Somnapure. Valerian is a herb very popular as an insomnia remedy in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Taken about an hour before bedtime, Valerian takes around two to three weeks of continued use to feel the effects, but must not be taken for over three months at a time.

Hops – Hops, the same ones which are the primary stabilizing agent in most beers, have also been shown to have the same effects as Valerian root.

Other secondary ingredients in Somnapure include Chamomile Flower, Passion flower, and Lemon Balm.

Moments Without Yourself

“You could know a thing and be, for all purposes, completely ignorant of it”, writes Marilynne Robinson.

I am reminded of these words when, on one evening, while reading before sleeping, I put my hand on my chest and I could not feel my heartbeat. Even more shocking is that at that moment, I could not tell from which side of the chest my heart beats, and I had to ask my brother.

I could not even remember the last time I cared about my heart. I go through life, shamelessly assured of its functioning. How sad it is for a man not to be an audience to the beats of his own heart?

We could be chary of these things; be aware of the size of the waist or the shape of the knee, alarmed by the slightest change. But sometimes, a body could grow distant with that which it bears, the way my heart and I had grown distant at the time.

The way you could grow distant with a good friend. It is a kind of drifting apart that happens between lovers who have grown weary of each other. You are alive, you continue living but your heart has left you. It goes on with its life, and you do too.

If you know adversity, you know these moments well. They are moments when we are afraid of being alone, afraid of closing our eyes to pray, afraid of the evening silence that distracts from the quieting noise of the day, afraid of the emptiness of a weekend, afraid of yourself.

At these moments when you are distant from yourself, you cannot face consciousness, or truth of whatever kind, or the lucidity of 3:35 am, or the nudity of the early morning before the sunrise arrives with its falsity. Or the bitter taste of berocca tablets.

You do not even want to walk close to reflective surfaces, you are afraid of mirrors and the messages in these mirrors.

They are moments that come to you when a dear one dies, or when a heart is broken, or when your boss offers you a dismissal letter.

You experience some kind of paralysis.

Everything suddenly goes limb and you can barely recognize yourself, and the dead stump on the side of the road or the leaf decaying under the shade of a tree has more life than you do. You cannot breathe. You do not want to think.

Unfortunately, in these moments, the mind is undefeated, an inglorious bastard. It constantly reminds you where you are, and the adversity that strangles you.

But the heart is an obliging ally. It does not draw much attention to itself. It does not care. It sits there, quietly beating, refusing to remind you that it exists. Nothing holds you and it together, except, you inhabit the same body. You are prisoners of the same bones.

Perhaps, the heart’s jagged edges prick you when, in these perilous moments, you attempt to give it a thought. So you choose to be completely ignorant of it.

Or you could be distracted by an overwhelming dailyness that things, yourself included, pass you by. Whatever the case, it is sad to be alive and not be an audience to the beating of your own heart. Calm down. Give your heart to the world, and if the world leaves its edges more jagged, do it again. Live. And drink a lot of masala tea.

One night stand

That night, a woman clutched at her handbag tight.

Another one shrieked when a man snatched her phone through the window of the Matatu she had boarded.  He smiled at her, lifting it up on her face as he walked away, as if to give her an opportunity to pay her last respects to a gadget that she had come to idolise.

Her whole life was in that gadget. It was where she turned to when the world seemed unresponsive, unappreciative, un-accommodative…the world seemed to give her a little too many sad faces wherever she turned her face to it…And that little gadget was her friend. It pleasured places that not anyone had dared to get close to.

She could be anyone she wanted to be through the already fallen techno-soldier. She could put on her little black dress and not wonder about her legs. In this gadget, she could put on bold make up, a little bit of mascara here, a little bit of eyeliner here…a little bit of boobs up here. In this gadget, she danced freely.

It was her shield from a world that had refused to see her for who she was, so she chose to put on a face through this gadget. But she lost it to a stranger on the street, through a matatu window, on that night.

That night, a woman fell in love with a man on the dance floor.

After seven shots of tequila, a woman fell in love. She saw him dancing gracefully, alone, at one corner of the dance floor. He had a jacket whose colour she couldn’t recognise, a skin complexion that lay in between ebony, dark chocolate and light brown-she didn’t know. These seven shots of tequila were working on her, but she still fell in love with this man dancing alone at a lonely corner on the dance floor.

She walked over, said hi, he hi-d back…and he fell in love too.

That night, they took a cab to his place. In the morning, her roommate couldn’t reach her on her cell phone. A month later, two months, four months.  She was dressed in red that night she disappeared with a lonely stranger dancing at a lonely corner, that night.

The lovers that loved us

The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings — Plato .

In this cold day of July, we remember our lovers.

The lovers that loved us are the ones that raced our hearts. The ones we looked at over a simple coffee date and climaxed at the sound of their words, the sight of their lips.

The ones we interlocked with so perfectly, rhymed with like the sides of a zipper. They are the kryptonites of our lives. The indexes upon which we have found other lovers inadequate.

They are the ones that have haunted our dreams. The ones that have kept us wondering whether they loved us as much as we did, whether we made them feel the way they made us feel.

The ones that made us feel insufficient, a little short of what they wanted. The lovers we loved and didn’t love us back.

The ones that led us into an overfeed of the motivational books, they sucked out our esteem, trampled us over. They are the lovers we later fought to forget, and eventually did.

They are the lovers we still wonder why we were so stuck up on. The lovers that loved us never loved us.

They are the sex deities. The ones whose fingers strummed all the good places, discovered pleasures in us that we never knew we could feel. They knew where to touch, how to touch. They made love to us leisurely; they sexed us swiftly.

These lovers are the men and women we met online. The ones we chatted with dawn till dusk and dawn again…hesitated to meet face to face, and finally fell prey and met, and or even mated. They are the ones we will never see again because it just wasn’t as good as it was online, or it wasn’t going to work eventually, or they were seeing other people, or they went silent on us, or they…

They are lovers who sat across us in a bar. The ones we didn’t afford a second look at the first sip. So ordinary. So revolting. The ones we liked after imbibing seven bottles. We danced with them. The lovers we took home, intoxicated by beer and smashed by spasms of teenage sexual impulses. The lovers we mounted before asking for their second names.

They are the good men. These lovers that texted us and called us all the time. The ones that told us that they will wait for us until we were ready. The ones that said, “I just want to get to know you better’. The lovers that called us every day at 5am in the morning to wake us up for work. These are our lovers. They are the lovers that understood why we needed to be held after sex. The ones that understood why we needed foreplay. And why it was necessary for us to have cake, and chocolate, maybe, and flowers, or not, and birthday gifts.

These are lovers that understood when we didn’t want to talk to them. They understood when the moods were playing in the swings. They are the lovers that were still there even when we acted stupid and messed things up. They were too good to be kept around. They bought us books and got us movies on Fridays. They cooked us good food. They wanted to see us every day.

The lovers that loved us made us slaves. We were the ones who did everything while they sat on the passenger’s seat, just there, enjoying the ride. We sent the good morning texts and the how-have-you-been DMs. We remembered their birthdays and reminded them our birthdays. We were the caretakers . They were the lodgers. Arrogant lodgers.

They are the friends we staggered and fell for. The ones we used to share everything with. Exchange notes with on the men and women we liked. They are the ones we firstly looked at as brothers and sisters, until our eyes looked deeper and saw something in there. They are the lovers we thought we would be with, and so hugged the fall…and down we fell. Bottomless. They are the friends we lost for having loved. Wrong move to have loved.

They are the lovers we wanted to love, just for a bit before we got to where we were going, or to run away from where we were coming from. No we didn’t use them. Well, maybe we did. They are the lovers who kept us away from feeling lonely over the weekends, the ones who protected us from the emotional explosives of being single.


Every present, in order to know itself as present, bears the trace of an absent which defines it.

You begin to notice the presence of a thing by its absence. Absent things leave traces of themselves that are stronger than their presence.

Think of a cat that crawls onto your lap when you are on the couch lost in thought. It makes itself comfortable, and you inadvertently warm up to its presence. Then after a while, the cat stops purring, perhaps bored or thirsty, and it crawls out. Then your lap suddenly becomes cold.

Only then do you notice that there had been a cat keeping you warm all along. This absence draws you to the presence. But absented presence. You begin to notice things that were there because they aren’t there anymore.

A thing, a person, an event crawls into your life, and you unintentionally get used to it

It could be your favorite blog, or a good morning text, or an act of kindness, or an uninterrupted supply of electricity. This presence is accorded very little attention, until its absence.

And at that point, it is only noticeable by the traces it leaves behind- perhaps darkness in a room that once had electricity, baldness on a receding hairline, silence where there was noise, snoring noise where there was silence, scorching sun where there was a shadow to shelter under.

I will be there. I am always here. You know where to find me. Words within which presence breeds. Just words. A presence promised. When I say I will be there whenever you need me, what do I mean? What is my being there?

I am awkward with absence and I wonder if one can avoid it, but all this wondering is just nonsense. I know that as long as human relationships exist, then presence and absence are to be anticipated. They are inseparable binaries. One makes sense only in the being of the other.

But what happens to those who prefer to stay away from absence, those who cannot deal with the removal of things that they have come to get used to? Is it possible to stay unfeeling, unavailable, unconnected, unsociable, so that they can avoid the horrifying realization that a thing is absent?